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Travis Jacobson

Hello! My Name Is Travis Jacobson. This Is My Website.

Over 17 years of experience as an affiliate program manager and affiliate marketing consultant.

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About Travis Jacobson

Meet Travis Jacobson, a family man, Affiliate Manager, BBQ enthusiast, sports fan, skier, and hunter.
With a wide range of interests and passions, I bring a unique perspective to everything I do.

Family Man

I am a proud husband to my lovely wife, Brandi. Lexi, Hunter, Tate, and Ali bring me so much joy. I love being their Dad.

Affiliate Manager

I have over seventeen years of experience as an affiliate program manager. I love my role as the VP of Affiliate Marketing for Liquid Web.

BBQ Enthusiast

BBQ Enthusiast

I love BBQ. There is nothing like the smoky aroma of smoked meat or the sizzle of meat on the grill.

Sports Fan

Passionate about the teams I love. BYU and the Raiders will always top the list.


The connection to nature and the satisfaction of providing for myself and my family is truly fulfilling.


Can’t find me in the winter? Chances are I am chasing powder in one of Utah’s many amazing ski resorts.

Travis Jacobson

As a family man, I am dedicated to my wife and children. I value the time I spend with them, whether it’s playing sports, hosting BBQs, or going on vacations. I firmly believe that family is the most important thing in life, and I will always work hard to provide for them.

In my professional life, I am an experienced Affiliate Manager. I have worked in the industry for over 17 years, building and managing affiliate programs for various companies. With a deep understanding of the industry, I am skilled in recruiting and managing affiliates, tracking performance, and identifying growth opportunities. I love my role as the VP of Affiliate Marketing for Liquid Web ( NexcessLiquid Web & StellarWP).

I love grilling, experimenting with new recipes and techniques, and sharing my passion with others. Cooking for family and friends is a passion of mine, but I admit I am limited to cooking outdoors. Give me a smoker, Blackstone, or some old-fashioned Dutch ovens, and I can cook up quite the meal.

Sports are a passion of mine. Growing up I was always on a team and always competing. BYU and the Raiders are my ride-or-die teams. I believe that sports bring people together and foster a sense of community. Now that I am an old man, I love coaching my kids’ teams and instilling discipline and work ethic in the next generation. Plus, it is an awesome way to spend quality time with my children while they pursue their own interests and hobbies.

Lastly, as an experienced hunter, I have a deep appreciation for the natural world. I am committed to sustainable and ethical hunting practices. I love spending time with my son, Hunter, out in the woods enjoying nature.