Many of you may know that Brandi is not much of a camper. You may also know that I absolutely love camping. This has been a conflict our entire married lives.

I tried to take Brandi camping once, but as we were headed up our car broke down and we had to head back to get it fixed. I am not pointing fingers on how the car broke down, but it was a little fishy. I have never been able to get her to go again. I am pretty sure going to the Cabin is close enough to “camping” in her mind.

We are in the middle of hunting season here in Utah, which means I am out camping with my Dad and brothers every weekend. I love it! I took Hunter the first weekend and we had a blast. However, it is always a little bit of a struggle when Labor Day weekend comes up. I have Monday off, so it is a great weekend to hunt. On the other hand, I have Monday off and it is a great weekend to do something with my family.

In an effort to be able to hunt and still spend time with my family I asked Brandi if she wanted to come up with us this weekend and enjoy Labor Day weekend out in the woods. This clip is almost identical to the response Brandi gave me:

Looks like it will just be me and Hunter again this weekend. I love you babe! We need to go “camping” at the cabin again soon.

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