For Trav’s graduation present, we took a trip to California to see BYU play UCLA. This trip was so much fun! We went to a tailgate party with all the BYU fans and Lexi got her picture with all the cheerleaders and Lavell Edwards.

The game was great and the UCLA fans were so nice to us. A bunch of guys even gave us their umbrellas to shade Lexi.

We also got to go to Disneyland and Lexi loved it. She went on most of the rides and Grandma & Grandpa J watched her while Trav and I went on the big rides. Lexi picked out a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal that she loved to pieces! Lexi met Pluto and he gave her the giggles so bad. I think it was just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I also got to do something that I have dreamed of doing my whole life… I got to take my baby girl to Huntington Beach! Lexi loved putting her little toes in the freezing cold water at the beach. The waves would come up and get her feet and when they rolled back she would try to chase them. What a sweet little beach baby!

This trip was a lot of firsts for Lexi and she loved doing something new every day. I think her favorite part of the trip was being with her Daddy 24/7, she loves him so much!!!

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