Brandi, you are an amazing person and I am lucky that I get to call you mine.

I hope Brandi doesn’t mind if I share this story, but 12 years ago on her Birthday I almost made the biggest mistake of my life. Clearly she was out of my league and I was lucky enough to be her friend, let alone dating her. I adored Brandi and wanted to be with her all the time.

I gave her a card, some Diet Coke and a dozen roses for her birthday that year and in the card I kind of called it off.  I wasn’t sure that she liked me as much as I liked her so I thought I would set her free to date other people. 

Luckily, Brandi was much wiser than I am. For anyone that knows Brandi well, you know that she is a very confident girl. She was not going to allow me to end things and insisted that we hang out that night. We hung out that night, she told me that she really liked me and I was ecstatic that my plan failed. The rest is history and I can always point to her 18th birthday as the night that I truly began falling in love with her.

Today she is 30 and I am more in love with her now than I have ever been. It is amazing to look at everything we have gone through the past 12 years and see how much our love has grown. I love being married to my best friend!

The kids absolutely adore you and I am lucky I get to be with you! Happy birthday sweetheart, hope you have a great day today!

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