Hunter Scott Jacobson was born on Sunday August 17 at 5:59 p.m. He was 9 lb’s and 20.5 inches. He is a big boy and we could not be happier to have him in our family! Brandi was originally scheduled to be induced on Monday August 18, and it looked like Hunter was perfectly happy with that plan. On Saturday we went out to lunch for my mom’s birthday, and then out to a movie. After we had left the lunch and we were headed to the movie Brandi received a call from the hospital asking her if we would like to move her induction up to Sunday the 17th. Without hesitation Brandi said yes, and we were both very excited we would have Hunter soon. We headed to the movie, and after the movie we headed to my parents. I had missed the opener of the bow hunt because i could not be far from Brandi knowing she could go any minute. (You can read about my brothers and the opener at our hunting website, After I heard about the hunt, we headed home to try and get some sleep. We were too excited and it was difficult to fall asleep, but eventually we fell asleep and we were grateful we did at 6:00 the next morning. We had to call at 6:00 to find out what time to come in to get started. They told us to come in at 7:30 so we called Whitney and she came over so Lexi could get some more sleep.
We headed to the hospital, and it was a nice relaxing drive together. I would highly recommend inducing due to the fact that the drive is peaceful and fun. However I am sure brandi would much rather have had hunter on his due date, rather than being induced 4 days later. We got to the hospital and they got Brandi started at 8:00. We thought it would be a fast delivery because it was her second, but it took quite awhile for her to progress. She got her epidural early and we were able to hang out all day and watch the olympics. It was a fun day with Brandi, and I loved talking to her and helping her with anything she needed.
At about 5:00 the nurse checked Brandi and told her it could be soon. We were pretty excited at that point, but nervous about the actual delivery. At 5:45 our Dr. came in and checked Brandi and it was time. After 3 contractions Hunter was welcomed into the world. Everything went well and we could not be happier than we are with Brandi’s Dr., Dr. Yamashiro, is a great man and a great Dr. He made everything go so well, and at one point he even had Brandi laughing during a contraction. I am sure it was one of the first times a woman laughed while pushing a 9 lb baby out! No one could beleive how big Hunter was, Brandi hid it very well! We were able to be with Hunter for about an hour before our family came in to see him.
Lexi showed up to the hospital just as i was coming out to let the family in. I gave her a big hug, then I carried her in to meet her brother. It was such a sweet experience to walk in the room holding Lexi while Brandi was holding Hunter. I am such a proud Dad and I love my little family so much!
Brandi and Hunter came home from the hospital today and they are both doing great! Lexi is a proud big sister and loves telling everyone about her baby. I wasn’t sure how she would react, but she is a great big sister and I couldn’t be more proud of my little girl than i am right now. She loves her little brother and loves to show him off to anyone that comes to visit. She has been giving him hugs and kisses, and even tries to feed him cookies! Hunter is going to love having her as a big sister!
I will include some pictures of Hunter. Thanks to everyone for their messages and calls. We are so lucky to have so much support and we are glad that our children are loved by so many people!

Lexi is such a sweet big sister!

Hunter Scott Jacobson, what a cute little guy!

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