We had such a fun summer and not enough time to blog about it.
Back in August the boys spent a few weekends hunting. This year they decided it was time to get the little guys up hunting too!
Hunter and Carson… such cute boys!
Carson is lovingly referred to by our family as “Choo-choo”.
If you couldn’t tell, Hunter kind of likes hanging out with him.
Hunter where did you go?Uncle Garrett with Choo-choo.I know Trav has dreamed of hunting with his little boy since the day we found out Hunter was coming. He loves being in the mountains and camping with his little buddy.Grandpa J. and the boys.
I can only imagine what inspired this ninja move by Hunter.
Uncle Allen with his boy’s, Colby and Brody… and Hunter too.
I think the little guys loved their first time hunting and will be looking forward to many more hunting trips with their Daddy’s!

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